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Bristol Channel NPAS South Wales police helicopter UFO video

On September 23, 2016 the National Police Air Service (NPAS South West Region, based in St Athan, South Wales) posted a short thermal image video of a flying object on…

Chicago O’Hare International Airport UFO sighting

About 12 United Airlines employees and pilots claimed to have seen an unlit disc-shaped craft hovering over Chicago O'Hare Airport terminal C (Gate C-17) for several minutes. The object alledgedly…

USS Roosevelt UAP incidents: Gimbal UFO and other strange objects

US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet pilots Lt. Ryan Graves and Lt. Danny Accoin report to have seen strange flying objects during trainings for a deployment to the Persian Gulf. The…

USS Nimitz UAP incident: Tic Tac UFO

US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet pilot Commander David Fravor (Ret.) reports to have seen a white 40 foot long Tic Tac shaped object that demonstrated outstanding flying capabilities without any…

Chile Helicopter UFO

A Chilean Navy helicopter, equipped with a FLIR camera, was filming a strange looking object for about nine minutes while flying north along the coast, west of Santiago de Chile.…

Ariel School UFO landing in Ruwa, Zimbabwe

About 60 children have witnessed a silver disc-shaped craft landing or hovering over the bushland behind Ariel primary school during the mid-morning break. Some of them reported seeing two "beings"…

Turkey UFO incident of May 2009 in Kumburgaz

Dr. Robert Leir claims to have witnessed Mr. Murat Yalçin Yalman filming a UFO with his camcorder the night(s) after Leir has attended a UFO conference in Istanbul. Yalman claimed…

Belgian UFO wave

The Belgian UFO wave was a series of hundrets of UAP sightings in Belgium, which lasted from 29 November 1989 to April 1990. Major General Wilfried De Brouwer, Head of…

Westall High School UFO encounter

More than 100 students and teachers in Clayton South (Melbourne, Australia) allegedly witnessed a UFO which descended into a nearby grass field.